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About Us

    At Helen K Baldwin Nursery School, our highly-trained staff strives to develop positive relationships with each child and his or her family. They provide a warm, nurturing, and responsive environment so that all children will feel free to explore and discover at their own pace. This enables a child to make a transition from home and family to a new group beyond the family circle.


    We are committed to nurturing a love of learning in all forms at all ages by providing children, families and teachers with a constant source of support in a loving, safe and educational environment.


    It is the mission of the Helen K Baldwin Nursery School to provide quality care and education while achieving a positive commitment to :

- A sound growth and development of children: the reason for our existence as a school,

- Excellence in education, philosophy and Christian ideals,

- Openness with parents as partners,

- Professionalism in the Early Childhood field,

- Foster a feeling of belonging among children, parents, staff, Nursery School Board and community.

- Promote a laughing, learning and loving environment for children.


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