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Lunch Bunch

A LUNCH BUNCH is offered most days. It runs from 11:30 to 12:30 (11:15-12:15 for 3 day bunnies)and is supervised by our teachers. Children bring their own lunch, eat and play in the playroom or out on the playground.  This is the perfect time for students from different classes to eat and socialize together. ADVANCED SIGN UP IS REQUIRED.   In case of last minute sign up, please email Laura.


ENRICHMENT CLASSES will be offered throughout the year. Topics will vary and will be offered on different days following lunch bunch. Below is a list of enrichments we offer:

LEGO MINI ENGINEERS will enable your mini engineer to build sky scrapers, bridges, cars and even a mini golf course. Through guidance and teamwork, your child will learn STEM concepts, have fun and inspire each other.

AMAZING ATHLETES is a large motor skills development class where your child will be introduced to many different sports.

SUPER SCIENCE is a hands on, engaging way to learn about science and the world around us.

STORY TIME CRAFT children will read and discuss a storybook and create a craft or work of art relating to the story.


Music Class


Christmas Camp

June Camp

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